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Lake Pezi

In Pezi

The Lake of the Dam in Pezi is located about 3.7 km southwest of the village Christos Raches. It is created by damming artificially the torrent Halaris, thus affecting the supply of fresh water in the estuary.

It is an artificial interior wetland of an area of 110.1 acres, with a constant level of freshwater and medium biological value.

The wetland is located within an area designated as a Special Protection Area of NATURA 2000(SPA-code GR4120005), as an Important Bird Area (with code GR143) and as a Landscape of Exceptional Natural Beauty.

The activities in the wetland are limited, with predominant the intense grazing. The activities in the watershed are also mild, with dominant grazing and forestry.

The habitat presents a rich vegetation around the lake, mainly arboreal rumble and pine trees, which dominate throughout its length and alder and lentisk. It also hosts a wide variety of birds, reptiles and amphibians.

There is also, a smaller dam, located few kilometers away, near Laggada. Its natural beauty is unique!

37° 34' 20.113" N, 26° 3' 32.579" E