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Lake Vathes

In Kastanies

The Lake of the dam Vathes is located about 1 km east - northeast of the village Kastanies, near the famous monastery of Mounde.

It is an artificial interior wetland area of 17.8 acres. It was created by the construction of two dams (pre-dam and after-dam) in the creek Myrsona, thus affecting the supply of fresh water to the estuary of the wetland in Messakti beach.

The Lake has high biological value, after having acquired basic wetland characteristics (vegetation and firm level).

The wetland has a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna , as well as populations of many protected and endemic species. It presents a rich vegetation around the lake, mainly arboreal rumble pine and freshwater reeds (Typha sp.), trees and rushes, which dominate throughout its length and oleanders, osier and lentisk.

It also hosts a wide variety of birds, reptiles and amphibians.

The activities in the wetland are relatively limited, mainly grazing and cultivation. The major threats to the wetland resulting mainly from these two activities, both from overgrazing and from the intense irrigation of crops that takes place uncontrollably by tires from the wetland and from the creek Myrsonas.

37° 36' 2.835" N, 26° 6' 3.088" E