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Rock of Icarus

In Vaoni

The Rock is located in the sea, 50 meters away from the beach of Vaoni, on the south part of Ikaria. According to the myth, at that point Icarus lost his wings and fell into the sea. At that point in the land, a statue is built and a small outdoor amphitheater, where festivals take place. A ferronickel ore is thrown in the neighboring fields and is called 'the blood of Icarus', according to tradition.


The rock is located near the village of Vaoni and Chrysostomos. Take the main asphalt road Agios Kirykos-Magganitis. From Vaoni, you walk few meters on a dirt road. Access is only by private vehicle, taxi or on foot.

37° 34' 7.806" N, 26° 13' 0.813" E