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Agios Polykarpos-Kastanies-Karydies-Prophitis Elias

These four villages constitue Raches, together with the central village Christos. Near Prophitis Elias the river Halaris creates a unique landscape, with the Raxounia waterfall. The villages of Raches are located in fertile soil, good for growing vines.

East of Kastanies is the monastery of Evaggelistrias in Mounde. A small dam is located in a wooded area near Kastanies, surrounded by many pine trees and vegetation, with ducks swimming in crystal clear water – a magical image as from a fairytale! The wetland created there hosts many rare species of flora and fauna.

Within the village Kastanies are the offices of Archipelagos, the Institute of Marine Conservation, a Greek non-governmental organisation, which researches the biodiversity of the Greek seas and islands and of the NE Mediterranean region overall.

Agios Polykarpos has a folklore museum with interesting exhibits.