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Christos - Glaredo - Agios Panteleimon -Panagia

Green, mostly rural and characterised by traditional Ikarian village features, these four southern villages are a few kilometres from Agios Kirykos. Their wild beauty will carry you away! Access is off the main Agios Kirykos asphalt road. These villages are an extension of the urban fabric of the capital.

In Glaredo you can see the Neolithic settlement that has been found in 'Palioperivolo' and huge granite blocks, all the way to the church of the prophet Elias. Down a slope lies the 'Cave Protaris'. The neolithic settlement contains megalithic structures, with ruins of houses and numerous sherds of ceramic vessels and fragments of obsidian preserved.

The village Christos is named for the church, dedicated to Christ. The village has lush vegetation. A fair is held every August 6 on the village square.

The village of Agios Panteleimon was named after its patron saint, Saint Panteleimon. Its locals have constructed a large banquet hall for weddings and other celebrations.

In Panagia it's worth visiting the church of the Virgin Mary, celebrated every August 15.