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Christos Raches

The village that never sleeps! The largest in the north, essentially a second centre of the island, containing its third high school. It has more than 300 permanent residents, is sparsely populated through a dense forest and manages to keep its traditional architecture.

The village has become known to visitors for the night life of its residents and the business hours of stores that open late at night, making the village famous for "Ikarian time".

The paved square with the imposing church in the centre attracts summer crowds, who sit in cafes relishing local delicacies during the day and enjoying themselves in local bars in the evening. In the square you will find a workshop with homemade desserts, made with great care by the local "women's association of Raches",  leading the visitor on a journey of delights!

There are also traditional shops for souvenirs and gravures of Ikaria of another era! On August 6th the village organises one of the biggest feasts of the island in honour of Jesus Christ.