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One of the most popular touristic villages in the south, Faros (or Fanari) is located at the eastern end of the island, some 13 km from Agios Kyrikos and connected to the main road.

It takes its name from the lighthouse ('Faros') that existed on the cape. In ancient times it was called Drakano. A few kilometres from the village centre stands the restored Tower of Drakano, which was used as a lighthouse and as a military watchtower. According to Greek mythology, Drakano was the land where god Dionysus was born.

Faros has the largest southern beach, with sand and pebbles, which gets very crowded in summer by local and foreign tourists of all ages. There are also many restaurants, taverns, cafes and many lodgings. Access is from the main asphalt road from the airport or Agios Kyrikos.

The nearby airport connects Ikaria with Athens International Airport as well as other Greek cities and islands, e.g. Thessaloniki, Limnos and Heraklion, mainly in summer.