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Karavostamo is a northern seaside village. Locals also call it "Karavostassi" because it used to be an important anchorage for ships.

It is one of the largest and most modern Ikarian villages, with more than 400 inhabitants. The village is surrounded by lush vegetation and running waters, with "Halica" the most dominant spring.

A feature custom of the village is 'Afanos' at Easter, when the burning pile takes place. The village has strong cultural elements and its inhabitants still maintain some customs in everyday life, such as drying figs under the sun, producing and storing onions and producing nuts.

The village also maintains a "Kamini" where charcoal is produced, one of the few such furnaces still working in Ikaria, which used to be known throughout the Aegean for its production of charcoal.

The village feast is on August 17th.

Tip! The village has several old watermills still used by locals. They can be found in the river Aris that reaches the beach through a thick forest.