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Katafygi is a green village located in the mountainous north-east. 

In its centre are the churches of Agios Dimitrios and the Holy Trinity.

Starting inside Agios Nikolaos is one of several underground passages that joined Katafygi with the village of Faros. During a liturgy under the Ottoman occupation Turkish military came to capture those taking part. The priest asked the Turk in charge to lead the liturgy and wait for it to finish and capture the worshippers afterwards. The priest is said to have cried, "Lord, save this refuge for the next generations".

Having waited a long time and seeing no one come out, the Turks entered the church and were surprised that there was no one inside. They had all entered the hole in the sanctuary and escaped from there. This survival gave the village its name, the word Katafygi meaning refuge in Greek.

There are several archaeological finds in the area. The administrative centre of the ancient city of Thermae must have been the village of Katafygi, where parts of its citadel are preserved, dating back to the Neolithic period, also known as the Castle of Katafygi.


Secret! The village is popular with hikers as the paths lead through a green gorge to the coastal villages of Faros and Therma.