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Three agricultural villages with very wild natural beauty, leaving Agios Kirykos in the south, going to Evdilos in the north. Worth visiting in Miliopo is a castle on the rocks of Gerakas. Just before the castle entrance is the first church of Agios Kirykos.

Outside Ploumari or Plomari, on the main road, you can see an Indian! The rocks there form the face of an Indian, known locally for stories that mold with this figure, which pass through the centuries.

Monokampi is famous for its unique 'fellodentro' (cork oak tree), only presented in Ikaria, from which derives the cork. The 'fellodentro' stands on the main road, so be careful not to miss it! Guests must show it the respect it deserves and leave it untouched, because it is truly unique! Before leaving,

it is worth visiting the church of Saint Sophia, built partly inside a cave. Monokampi’s village feasts on August 15th and September 17th (end of summer) are very famous, attracting people from all over the island.