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Nas, with about 50 residents, lies about 3.5 kilometres west of Armenistis on the north coast. Based on abundant evidence, scholars believe that Nas was a key ancient settlement. Its name derives from either the word 'Naos' (=temple) or the word Ma, as the goddess Artemis was called in Asia Minor, worshiped in Ikaria during Minoan times.

A temple named Tavropolion was dedicated to her. The name Tavropolos or Tavrovolos signifies the capacity of the goddess as fertilizing power of nature and decay and protector of the navigators, while the temple for the goddess is called Tavropolion. 

The ancient harbour has been found, extending from the coast deep into the canyon loose. There is now no connection between these two edges, since the extension to the ravine. Inhabitants of neighbouring Laggada blocked it with tree trunks as a defence against pirates. This formed a lake on the side of the beach, while the ravine displays lush springs and creates a picture of exotic beauty.

Currently, stands the ancient quay of the port and some iron anchor ropes, that bind ships. The columns of the temple have vanished because inhabitants used the marble to build Christian churches in the 19th century.

Tip! The best time to visit Nas is during afternoon when the sun sets. You will never forget those colours! The village has many lodgings and restaurants, overlooking a beautiful sandy beach.