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Four mountainous and rural villages just outside Agios Kyrikos, on the way to Evdilos, nestle in an unrivalled natural environment, overlooking the harbour and the Ikarian Sea.

Oxe is one of the oldest villages of Ikaria and perhaps the most mountainous, at an altitude of over 700 metres. Its name comes from the beech trees ('oxia') scattered in the village.

Mavrato contains the monastery of St. Onoufriou dating from 1809, as an inscription says.

Perdiki is one of the largest villages, with more than 300 residents. It contains a folklore museum that is a must to visit. Started in 1986, it holds collections of utensils and tools used by Ikarians in everyday life from the 17th century until now. There are also the castle of Perdiki and ruins of many churches and windmills.

The famous village feast on August 15, organised at two locations, attracts large numbers of people.

Tip! Perdiki is famous for keen hikers as trails from there lead through a lush canyon.