Ikaria is ideal for alternative activities, for nature walks, diving, cycling, and surfing. If you are a lover of water sports, but also of the mountain ... then Ikaria is the place you were looking for!

The island is also offered for climbing on the granite volumes, while the off-road routes will surely lift the adrenaline ...


In the trails of the island, nature lovers will discover another dimension of the island' wild nature. Not only is the "view from above" that will carry you as you cross the ridge, going from one end of the island to another.


Throughout the island you can practice on bike, especially on the mountain bike. Both on the streets, with the necessary caution of course, also in various earthy vacant lot there, enjoy your favorite sport.


On the broader sea area of the island, you can enjoy your favorite hobby. Both on the north and the south side, the beach lovers will be satisfied to the fullest, and adrenaline will hit red.


Besides the usual watersports and mountain sports, motocross lovers will have the opportunity to get a glimpse of their favorite sport in Ikaria.


In the deep blue Ikarian sea, sailing is a sport that not only excites the visitors, but of course, during the summer months.