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In Christos Raches

Ikarianna: A journey beyond the sun and the sea

Ikarianna was created to highlight the wealth of the island in history, religion and culture, always taking into account its ecosystem and folkloric tradition.

Let’s guide you with safety, through its cultural, religious and mythological routes, a lifetime – experience designed especially for you and your family!

Our goal is to help you bond with this special island in all aspects of its everyday life! For this reason we organize the following activities both for individuals as well as for small groups:

  • Monasteries sunk into time :  Guide to the plethora of the old churches and monasteries of the island of Ikaria.
  • Get an insight of the tradition of the island: visit small traditional farms and watch how traditional ikarian or from all over Greece dishes are being prepared.
  • Getting to know Ikaria’s flora and herbology: learn how to distinct the different species of the island’s herbs as well as their utility.
  • Ikarian architecture: explore the old windmills and the traditional houses of the island designed to protect its habitants from the piracy.

 We collaborate only with experts in order to achieve the best quality in leisure time activities all year round

 For further information please visit our website and facebook page.