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In Armenistis

The "Meraki" of the Bees.....

...for some it is like a allow themselves to be touched by the gentle flickering of the bee.

A swam of bees can alter ones mood, ones inner being by focusing on these divine insects, and the way they cross pollinate in order to keep there existence in continuation. By understanding their process, we come closer to the treasure they keep in their hives. Without the bee and their spectacular synergy within there colonies & nature.... WE would have NO existence in this incredible world.

You may endeavour to experience and introduce yourself to this MAGICAL bee world through "Melissavet" (an ikarian Beekeeper). A unique experience within the Aegean, that is offered with love (pathos) and solitude (meraki). A tradition kept close at heart, that embraces heritage and culture. This experience will allow you to extend your knowledge and deepen your appreciation of the bees cycle.

Additionally you will be able to taste a wide variety of *precious longevity* ... Bee Honey! 

The program includes:

  • Guided tour of the bee circle
  • Observation and inspection of the beehive with apicultural uniforms
  • Tasting with honey varieties

Melissavet awaits you daily from 12-4pm. to guide you to the magical world of bees, individually or in groups. The rest of the hours by appointment.

Our place is in Armenistis following a dirt road to Nas. At the beginning of the road you will see a doll welcoming you.

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