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Easter Holidays in Ikaria

Experience Easter in Ikaria! An alternative getaway on the island of Icarus for Easter holidays.

Each year, Easter holidays are celebrated with religious reverence, with sensational events and of course ... not missing the fairs.

Across the island, families and friends reunite for a few days, the family table is laid, eggs are painted red and definitely iit will not leave your mind, the smell of brioche baked in the oven!

On Saturday, the time of Resurrection, in every village, young peoople are gathering and throw firecrackers and sparklers. In a central point, usually near the church, the children have collected from the past few days branches and wood in a stack, Soros, which they burn it during the Resurrection day.

Each village creates its own heap and locals compete on who would make the best bunch and bigger. A variation of this custom, akes place in ​​Karavostamo and is called Afanos.

In the villages Christos and Glaredo, near Agios Kirykos, Antilambra are organized. When one village burns Soros, the other makes Antilambra.

On the day of Easter, in some villages prepare an effigy of Judas, which even call it "Tsifouti". After you prepare the effigy in one of the houses, the parade and other nearby villages and when they return the tie and hang them in a central location. Alongside is in the church and after the operation and with the accompaniment of fireworks, they burn the effigy.

In recent years, a place and a 'war' with crackers, wherein a flying crackers other.

On Wednesday after Easter, the feast day of St. George, fais are organized in the villages Amalou,Tsouredo and Negia. On he first Friday after Easter, the day of the Life-Giving Spring, a fair is held in Agios Polycarpos. That day celebrates also the Monastery of Zoodochou Pigis, near the village Christos in Agios Kirykos.

Do not miss out! Easter in Ikaria is unique! Welcome..


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