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Music Concert by Maria Anamaterou

The Ikarian Radio 92.8 organizes on August 9 at the village Stavlos, a unique concert.

"A lightning our life ... but anticipate" this phrase of Nikos Kazantzakis, Imar ANAMATEROU and music group turning this year throughout Greece, with traditional sounds, destination of this tour and Ikaria, favorite place, where visiting for first time!

The musical Mary ANAMATEROU, stole the limelight in the winter they went, deservedly, having managed to combine dramatized reason the musical world and itself. Welcoming the summer and in view of the summer tour and a new Cd that will come out autumn, meets us for soul deposits. The title alludes to a finite life, but these are enough to catch the feel to be the colored, to change it ... The light of lightning, brief, dazzling ... done .. ZEIDORO light response in times of darkness and with Art stinkatharsi probe leads.

Music as a deus ex machina, as musicians and dance performer in a leading role in Kazatzaki evolve into a modern "ancient" writer. So the performance is simulated acts and emotions in a wandering, without borders the neighborhoods of the soul .. the muse honors the universe, from east to west and from north to south ... and entertainment embracing fun.

"A lightning our life but anticipate" So, "tragodontas"-singing that is ...!

Maria ANAMATEROU (voice)

and soloists:

Theologian Michellis: violin

George Pappas: lute and oud

Dimitris Varelopoulos: guitar

Theo Kouelis: bass

Direction-original texts: Maria ANAMATEROU.


Organization: Ikarian Radio 92,8

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