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Musical Yards

On the 5th of July, which will be the fourth year in a row, the Musical yards of Agios Ioannis will be flooded with beautiful sounds and colours. The movement of the citizens of Raxes of Ikaria takes on again the initiative for the creation of the special musical seminar with the exlusive motive of the love of music, and, of course without any financial gain towards the same organisation. The lessons will be held daily in the area of Agios Ioannis, a green settlement with the view of the Icarian Sea. This choice of course isn't at random, in the minds of the inspirers of this musical seminars is the coexistence of music and the scenery.

On the contary to the last three years, this seminar this year will last two weeks and the reason is the presentation and participation of Thanasis Papakonstatinou and his whole band of the musical Yards! So from the 5 th ofJuly to 9 th Thanasis Papakonatstinou, Matoula Zamany, Dimitris Muostakidis, Sotiris Doubas, Andreas Xristodoulou and Andreas Polyzopoulos will share with the partIcipants their knowledge and their love for the song and music, each one from their own perspective and sector. As a conclusion of this innovative idea , the Organizers choose an open concert with the presence of the whole band.

The Second week of the Musical Yards starts on the 13th July and its dedicated to the Greek traditional folklore with lesson on bouzouki, violin, classical quitar, outi, drums, santouri, Cretian lira and Cretian laouto but also voice coaching. The organizers with great joy and honor will host Manolis Pappos, Eugene Voulgaris, John Zevgolis, Augerine Gatsi, Dimirti Mitiraki, Vaggelis Kariphs, Babis Papadopoulos, Sofia Labropoulou, Irene Lambropoulou and Zacharias Spiridakis. The outstanding music teachers who participated in the Musical Yards the previous years return promising once again, a special expiercence with the particpants. At this point, it deserves to be mentioned that every night of the second week with the completion of the class, the professors will present parts of their jobs in the forms of small concerts.

This years Musical Yards have in store another suprise as far as the lessons are concerned, securing the presence of Chris Spourdalakis and John Kattos who will share their techinques and the secrets of the creation of these musical instruments for both weeks of the seminar. Still in the second week, we will be honored with his presence in the musical seminar of the writer Aris Maragopoulos with lesson of creative writing.

The Organizers hope to fulfill another interactive experience based on love for music which proves great acceptance and recognition the” musical yards” as an annual musical institution.

Whoever is faithful to music can come!


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