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SAZMAN LIVE at Casmir livestage.

SAZMAN LIVE on Thursday 24/7 at Casmir livestage.

The SAZMAN is an open group which explores music musicians
roads of the Balkans, a dynamic set of strings and percussion,
framed by female and male vocals. Travelling from music
Romania, Turkey and Serbia to Bulgaria and back again
in Greece, as a gypsy caravan.

The SAZMAN us meet each other in a unique crossroads of sounds, rhythms,
traditions in order to move from the ritual at the festival.

Support Band "Folk you"

Start time 23:30
Entrance 5 €

The Sazman are:
Nina Karamolegou (voice)
Costas Tsarouhis (vocals, bass)
Dimitris Anastassiou (violin)
Kostas Nikolopoulos (accordion)
Christina cuckoos (zither)
Tsakanikas Sotiris (guitar)
John Tsentouros (percussion)
Christos Papanagiotou (percussion)

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