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Seminars of construction of The Traditional musical instrument “Lira” Aegean

Seminar of construction of the traditional musical instrument “ Lira” Aegean.  

Cultural Festival dialogues Icarus 2015

With the support of the Municipality of Ikaria cheap ralph lauren clothes 

at Agios “Polycarpos” Ikaria

Theoretical and hands on expierence education (lab)

on the constrcution of the Lira of the “Aegean”

With George Bougoukalakis

Ten days - in a five day course.

First cycle Saturday 16/5 /2015 - Wednesday 20/5/2015 

Second cycle Saturday 27/6/2015 - Wednesday 1/7/2015

  • Daily seminars at 12-2 p.m at noon at the cultural hall of Agios Polycarpos.
  • Daily labs at 5p.m in the carpenter's shop of Moula in Agios Polycarpos.
  • Prior occupation with the construction cheap ralph lauren mens polo shirts of musical instruments or the knowledge of a musical instrument is nessecarry for those who want to participate in our labs, whille it is necessary for each one to create a lira, until the end of the program.
  • Whoever is interested can participate, in the theoretical seminars.
  • There is no charge for the attendance of the seminars and the labs since George Vougoukalakis and his lab hall have been offered free of charge .There will be a small charge for the materials /expenses /handouts that will be needed.

Information/ registration: Fotis Karoutsos  6986716101 

Also:  Festival Ikaros/ Vaggelis Fambas 210697983201 

Fax 2122133204 Email : akron @hol .gr




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