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Trail of the elves - Botanical Hiking

The Mountaineering Hiking Club of Ikaria invites members and friends at this year's big spring hike that will take place in order to

getting to know the flora of Ikaria

Sunday, April 19 at:

Trail of Elves

Christos Raches - Vathes (Mounte) - Lydi- Theoktisti - Kampos

This year, this classic hike will be thematic. During hiking, Lefteris Trikiriotis, the leader, will show and talk about the impressively rich and varied flora of Ikaria, flowers, herbs, wild grasses, shrubs, trees, located in orgiastic development phase this time.

Specifically, the "path of the Elves" was designed as a path in 2006 mainly for this purpose - as crossing a virgin green landscape, or if you like, a living botanical museum. More information about the paths of Ikaria and the activites of the Mountaineering Hiking C Ikaria in their blog:


1) Total time: 7-8 hours

2) Length: 13 km

3) Soil: quite smooth, forest with small slopes.

4) Meeting point: Square CHRISTOS RACHES

5) Hiking Starting point: Square CHRISTOS RACHES

6) Meeting time at CHRISTOS: 8:30 a.m.

7) Hiking boot time from CHRISTOS: 9:00 a.m.

8) Arrival to Kampos: 5:00 pm

9) Leader: Lefteris Trikiriotis (tel. +30 6974042417)



1) A few euro for the small bus that we chartered for the return of the Cabo afternoon those who live or have left their cars in the Ridges.

2) Mountaineering stick or a simple stick.

3) Shoes for wet and rocky ground.

4) Water, quick snack.

5) Smile.

Participation is free. For the return from Kampos to Raches we have chartered a bus. For this reason it is necessary to register and to contact either with Lefteris Trikiriotis at +30 6974042417 or by the President of our Association, Lefteris Karoutsos tel. +30 6936974114.

As always, comments or questions on the Association's website or on the Facebook group "Climbers Hikers Ikaria".

We are waiting for you!

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