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Local Feasts

Throughout the year all Ikarian villages put on feasts to mark religious and some non-religious holidays. Raskos (boiled goat meat), Ikarian wine, live music, fun, folks dancing the traditional Ikariotikos ('Ικαριώτικος') to a song originating in Ikaria, passionately singing along, laughing, hugging...... partying till the early hours! These are Ikarian panygiria (village festivals)!

For a memorable taste of the Ikarian people’s culture and to exhilarate your soul you need to immerse yourself in at least one.

Here’s a list of all of them, where they’re held and which religious feast or other event they commemorate. The list is not chiselled in stone. Usually it’s announced days prior which feasts are actually going to happen. 

Date Feast Area
January 7  Agios Ioannis Prodromos            Proespera              
January 25 Agios Grigorios Glaredo
January 30
Τhree Hierarchs
February 10                      Agios Charalambos Kalamos
February 23 Agios Polykarpos Agios Polykarpos
March 25 Annunciation of Virgin Mary/'Evaggelismos Theotokou' Mavrianou, Koundoumas
Monday of Easter Agios Georgios Amalou, Tsouredo, Negia
Friday of Easter Zoodochou Pigis Agios Polykarpos, Christos (Ag. Kirykos)
May 1 May Day Mavrianou
May 5 Agia Irini Kampos
May 14 Agios Isidoros Agios Isidoros (Raches),
May 21 Agios Konstandinos and Eleni Avlaki
not fixed Agiwn Panton Droutsoulas, Trapalou
June 12 Agiou Pnevmatos Kastanies
June 24 Agios Ioannis Prodromos Christos (Raches)
June 29 Agios Petros and Pavlos Steli
June 30 Dodeka Apostoloi Pezi
July 1 Agioi Anargyroi Karavostamo, Therma
July 7 Agia Kyriaki

Fles in Evdilos

July 15 Agios Kirykos Ekso Plagia
July 17

Anniversary of Ikarian Revolution of 1912

Agia Marina

Agios Kirykos, Katafygi, Arethousa
July 20 Profitis Ilias Miliopo, Kossoikia, Pigi, Glaredo, Vrakades, Profitis Ilias, Karydies
July 26 Agia Paraskevi Agia Paraskevi (Faros), Petropouli, Karavostamo, Karkinagri 
July 27 Agios Pandeleimonas Agios Pandeleimonas (Agios Kirykos), Feidos (Evdilos), Myrsonas (Raches)
August 3   Agios Dimitrios (Raches)
August 6 Metamorfosi tou Sotiros Christos (Raches), Kalamos, Christos (Agios Kirykos), Okse, Frandato, Dafni, Stavlos
August 8   Mandria
August (not fixed)   Proespera
August (not fixed)   Magganitis
August 10   Faros
August 12   Karres (Raches)
August 15 Assumption of Virgin Mary Kamba (Agios Kirykos), Panagia (Agios Kirykos), Perdiki, Monokambi, Gialiskari, Kouniadoi, Laggada, Akamatra, Kossoikia, Chrysostomo 
August 17   Karavostamo
August (not fixed) Panikarioi Competitions Evdilos
August 24 Progressive Club of Vrakades Vrakades
August 27 Agios Fanourios Agios Dimitrios (Raches), Agios Pandeleimon (Agios Kirykos), Maratho, Vrakades, Avlaki (local fish fair)
August 29 Agios Ioannis the Faster Mavrato, Proespera
September 5 Prophete Zacharias      Negia
September 8 Birthday of Virgin Mary Kerame (Faros), Plagia, Ploumari 
September 17 Agia Sofia Kambos, Monokambi
September 20 Agios Efstathios  Arethousa
October 20 Agia Matrona Perdiki, Okse
October 26 Agios Dimitrios Agios Dimitrios (Raches), Katafygi
November 8 Taxiarchon Plomari