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In Prophitis Elias

In a new multiplex hall, inside the green forest of Prophet Elias of Raches with an unparalleled natural beauty, lies the restaurant - bar "Argios".

It got its name from the oak tree (in the Ikarian dialect means 'argios'), because of the great variety that exists in the region. The restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisine using local ingredients, worked in a special way and taste.

Some of the amazing flavors you'll find here is hummus with goji and crackers, sea fennel (grass is coming out on the rocks), fava with caramelized onions and Sufiko Ikaria.

Do not forget to taste cream cheese with balsamic sauce and the traditional dishes of Ikaria. Apart from these you will find stewed, baked, as well as warm dishes. All this fresh and natural local ingredients.

In our hall concerts are organized with superb musical journeys. We also handle some of the most important moments of your life such as weddings, baptisms, and of course any kind of social event.

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