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Agios Kirykos (main port)

In Agios Kirykos

It is the main port of the island. Therein lies the main port police and it mainly serves the south side of the island. Always worked and works as one of the two main ports of the island, along with that of Evdilos and serves daily ferries to and from Ikaria, as a stopover on the final destination of the ship for Samos and Piraeus. Linked with other islands and ports serving commercial vessels coming to the island.

Located in Agios Kirykos, a few meters from the center of the capital, with its shops, accommodations, restaurants and most public services . It is 12 kilometers from the airport of Ikaria located in Faros.

Next to the harbor, marina and harbor, which serves small and larger vessels, boats, and fishing boats.

Here, you can follow on real-time the traffic of all the ships coming to and from Ikaria:

Port Authority (Agios Kirykos):               [+30] 22750 22207


Port Authority (Piraeus):                            [+30] 210 4511311


37° 36' 53.653" N, 26° 17' 47.324" E
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Agios Kirykos