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We present the library of Ikaria! Here you will find a detailed list of all the Greek and foreign literature that has been published about the island and was a source for the information contained in the guide, without being restrictive. Also, the relative websites used. In order to create an intergrated guide, however, there have been used evidence from oral traditions and field observations (see Terms of Use). The relevant literature can be a basis for student involvement and opportunity for future research and studies on Ikaria island.

  •  Vines in Ikaria , winemaker N.Afiane, A collection of data on the wine of Ikaria from antiquity until today, Athens, 2004 (in greek)
  •  Tribute Seven Days, Kathimerini newspaper, June 21, 1998, pp. 2-31(in greek)
  •  Iliopoulos I. - Petrogenesis of metamorphic rocks of the island of Ikaria, PhD thesis, Patras, 2005 (in greek)
  •  Archaeologists Ikaria Collective, ed. Festival Ikaria, 2006
  •  Katsaros T.: Ikarian Symmeikta,Publishing Company of Ikarian Studies, Athens 2006 (in greek)
  •  Kokkinos G.: Traditional house of Ikaria and the peculiar built environment of the island, Publishing Company of Ikarian Studies, Athens 2005 (in greek)
  • List of Lighthouses in the Greek coasts, Version Hydrographic Office - Lighthouse Service, Athens 2011 (in greek).
  • Malachias C. and Karoutsos A. (2009). The foundation of the hybrid energy project of Ikaria. Company Ikarian Studies, 7, 17-18 (in greek)
  • Malachias C., Rosos M., A. Karoutsos, Bourgas and Gaglias K. K. (2003). Suggestion for the proposed installation area organized landfills in the province of Samos, Ikaria, Scientists Club of Ikaria, Greece (in greek)
  • Melas I.: History of the island Ikaria - Ikaros Publications, First edition 1955, First Reprint 2001, Athens (in greek)
  • Stamoulis S. : Folkloric Habits Elders Fanari (City of Ag.Kirykos) Ikaria, Grigoris Publications, Athens 2005 (in greek)
  • Dams and lagoons of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food , Second edition New Projects, February 2006 (in greek)
  • Bareli M. - The Ikarian Paniyiri: Issues of Social Reproduction and Change, paper prepared for the International Conference «Cultural Development: An opportunity for Territorial Planning? ", Nîmes University, April 2008
  • Christodoulakis D. - The Flora of Ikaria (Greece, E. Aegean Islands), Phyton (Horn, Austria), Vol. 36, Fasc. 1 , 63-91 , 12. 8. 1996
  • Efraimiadou, H, Lozios, ST., Evelpidou, N. - The Morphotectonic Units of Ikaria Island - Contribution in the Natural Hazards Research, Bulletin of the Geological Society of Greece vol. XLIV, p.79-89, 2011
  • Papanikolaou D., (1978) - Contribution in the geology of Ikaria island (Aegean Sea), Annales geologiques des pays helleniques, 1e Series T.XXIX.
  • Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation
  • WWF Hellas
  • Greek Ornithological Society
  • Church St. Kirikos and Mineral Resources Ikaria
  • Ministry of Culture and Sports
  • European Environmental Agency