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Aegean Splendor- CD Music for the Aegean

The journey starts in the AEGEAN !

An especially original CD- 'Aegean Splendor', created out of love and passion for HELLAS, humanity and life.

A unique musical journey to antiquity with a narration which captures and moves you, was created to enchant  lovers of Greece.

The instrumental compositions are by Iassonas Leondopoulos,the idea,texts and narration by Maria E. Kratsa and the song by Stamatia.

The idea for the creation of this Cd was born some years ago by Maria E. Kratsa of Icarian and Hian descent. Born in Africa, raised in Hellas and having lived most of her life in America, Maria felt the longing of an Odysseus. So, from this need, respect and appreciation for the

achievements offered to Humanity by the ancient Hellenes eons ago and for eons to come,the idea for AEGEAN SPLENDOR GREECE came to light.

By doing this,she would also create a gentle reminder to individuals in Western Societies of their roots in Hellenic Civilizaton,through their thinking and institutions derived from this "small"but magical sea,called Aegean and how much this world needs to rethink those "ancient" values. Thus,creating a Cd that spoke of the heart of the Aegean Islands came naturally, although she was an amateur in this field.

All those moments experienced through the beauty of a navy blue and turquoise sea, under the brightness of the sunlight in the afternoon, or under the millions of stars hanging from the sky at night, embraced by the scents of nature, the peaceful lilac and peach sunsets and the majesty of the moon’s trace on the sea had to be told !The feeling of energy from the cosmos had to be expressed for others to know,what  Aegean splendor means!

And then, in the Aegean….

Who invented philosophical thinking?

Who stimulated critical thinking? Who founded an Academy for Poetry? What community conditions produced Democracy ?Did sculpture almost have soul? Why was music a part of Hellenic Paedeia? Did ordinary citizens sponsor Theater events? How did Philosophy play a role in the development of a mature citizen? etc.
For all of this,she owed to express what she has gained in her journey over the years in the Aegean and do it with love!

With the wings of Ikaros you will fly over some of the Aegean Islands of Hellas( Ikaria-Fourni,Hios,Samos,Limnos,Lesvos)so well known, but also with so much unknown natural beauty,character and History,as the number of the Islands in the Archipelago.Many who have come to visit have become fans for life!

"Dedicated to you,so that you discover the roots of your every day life in Hellas!"

The narration is accompanied by the sound of the sea and the magic of the violin.The result will captivate you!

Here is a Listening sample from the Cd:

You can purchase AEGEAN SPLENDOR GREECE through, or in your visit in the Aegean.

It is useful for Airlines,Tourist Expos,Travel Agents,Cruise Ships,Souvenir and Music shops and the Diaspora,sold wholesale too.




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