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Ikaria video on Amazon

A new video on  longevity in Ikaria  is accessible at and iTunes!!

"Ikaria: The Island Where People Live Forever" is the first short documentary of Business Insider, running for 22 minutes.

The film is available for sale on iTunes and Amazon.

Do the people of Ikaria, Greece hold the secret to a long and healthy life? Studies show Ikarians live up to 10 years longer than the world average. Ikaria is one of five areas around the world — dubbed "Blue Zones" by National Geographic Fellow, Dan Buettner — where people live exceptionally long lives. We set out to meet the locals, elders and doctors of this ancient and remote Greek isle, where nature, food and family determine the rhythms of a simpler, and perhaps better, way of life. 

Get a glimpse of the film:

Directed by Alana Kakoyiannis and David Hands. Edited by Andrew Stern.

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