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About us is an online tourist and business guide for Ikaria island, with particular emphasis on touristic, touring, recreational, historical, cultural, environmental, travel, and business activities. is a gateway to tourism in Ikaria. Its useful information avoids you from wasting time searching for people or services. In short, a useful tool for locals and visitors.

Created in 2014 by a group of young people at home on the island and other people who love it, the platform aims to highlight and promote Ikaria to a wide audience in Greece and abroad. We were triggered by our love for our island, combined with the need to promote and enhance the tourism product through targeted advertising.

Many people worked with great consistency and professionalism to create, and we thank them:

Chrysanthi Zouva, Geologist, Msc,  Co-Founder
Zacharias S. Zizis, Computer Science, Co-Founder
Alexandra Stamoulou - Foto Ikaros
Georgia Tsimpidou - Foto dromos

Special thanks also to Mr. Dimitris G.N. Lesses, for kindly providing photos of island landscapes and caves, shown in the guide.

Potos were also bought from istock, Milan Gonda/Shutterstock and Dreamstime.

What makes unique:

  • The first interactive tourist map with all the island's attractions and tourism businesses making it easy for you to find out where to stay, what to see and what to do.
  • The Library of Ikaria, where you can find details on all published sources and writings about the island used by the guide
  • Accommodates special editorials on life, culture, people, nature of Ikaria
  • Presenting a photographic trip to Ikaria, with photos that are continuously updated.
  • The entire guide is continuously updated with news and events happening around the island.
  • View all accommodation and entertainment offers on the island, to create attractive travel packages for visitors. highlights the Ikarian market!

  • Business Guide of Ikaria is online! ​​A list of all the island professionals and their services is displayed in multiple languages.
  • Individuals and professionals, now you can put your ad that interest you, in the classified ads of
  • helps business promotion, by designing and constructing web pages and printed promotional material.
  • conducts events to highlight the tourism product of Ikaria and visibility through media reports and the internet.
  • it upholds and promotes services associated with alternative forms of tourism in Ikaria, such as the trails, Ikarian gastronomy, etc.