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Tsantiris Winery

In Proespera

The Winery Tsantiris is located in the northwestern part of the island, in the village of Ano Proespera, at an altitude of 350-450 meters. Overlooking the endless blue of the Aegean Sea, our vineyards occupy 50 acres of the Ikarian land.

The vineyards are located just below the winery, to retain the constant surveillance and immediate transfer during harvesting. Vines are grown organically in clayey soil, without the use of pesticides with the traditional way of terracing. The production of wine is made from high quality grapes and is relatively low. The harvest is made at the end of August and exclusively by hands.

We cultivate indigenous varieties of Ikaria, like Begleri, Fokiano and Mandilaria. The vinification is made in our modern privately owned Winery in the village of Proespera! These varieties represent the uniqueness of the Ikarian products which are associated with the longevity of the inhabitants!

It is of our great pleasure to show you around the vineyards and our facilities, to get a closer look of the production process of Ikarian wines.

We undertake the tour of individual visitors, associations and organized groups by appointment.

The winery is open to the public every day, 5-9pm. during summer.

We are waiting for you to tour our site for free and admire the magnificent view with us ......

Wine tasting guides are provided with our 3 fresh wines tasting from 6 euro / person.

It is possible to sample special wine making wines, such as aged, sun-dried and sealed wines, upon request.

We introduce to you our wines :

1. Begleri

Organic Wine – Dry White 

A distinctive wine from the indigenous grape variety Begleri.
Its bright color and fruit aromas are the first to reveal themselves, while hints of wild flowers emerge from the background. 
The balanced mouth supports the layers of flavor, while the refreshing acidity contributes to the wine’s liveliness. 
Enjoy at 8-10°C with fish and white Mediterranean cuisine.

2. Rosé

Organic Wine – Semi dry Rosé.

Indigenous red grape varieties and a cool vinification technique are the “ingredients” of this cheerful wine. 
It is a wine with rose – petal color, abundant red fruit and wild flower aromas, balanced mouth and sweet finish. 
Served at 8 - 10°C, it is an ideal accompaniment to Mediterranean cuisine, primarily pasta, and fish with red sauce.

3. Lagkyros

Organic Wine – Dry Red

The uncompromised Fokiano and the plethoric Mantilaria blend their qualities to give an elegant wine with ruby color, wild flower and back fruit aromas, firm mouth and long finish. 
Served at 15 – 17°C, it shows great affinity for grilled meat and “red” Mediterranean cuisine.

4. Akratos

Organic Wine – Dry Red.

This exquisite Fokiano – Mandilaria blend comes from our best vineyard blocks and matures in new French oak for six months. 
It is a wine with ruby color, abundant red fruit and spice aromas, rich and velvety mouth and long finish. 
Enjoy at 16 - 18°C with hearty cheeses or Mediterranean cuisine.

5. Melisandy

From grapes of organic farming – Liastos (Sundried)

It is a distinctive desert wine from indigenous grape varieties, vinified using the ancient technique, of laying the grapes under the sun. 
Its honeyed color and sweet candy aromas are the first to reveal themselves, while hints of dried fig, raisins and nuts emerge from the background, complementing the sweet seductive mouth. Enjoy at 12-14°C with red – fruit tarts or chocolate desserts.

The Wines Tsantiris can be found in selected restaurants and winebars, cellars and online at e-shops, in the famous festivals of the island, but also in our winery in Ikaria!

We promote the wines Tsantiris, in numerous exhibitions in Greece, in order to make known the taste and character of the Ikarian wines.

For more information on our activities you can follow us on facebook / Tsantiris-Wines.

The wine roads in Ikaria start from the Winery Tsantiris!