Exotic, romantic, crowded or isolated, the beaches of Ikaria are unique - discover them all! Here is a list of many, organised or not, with pebbles or fine sand and crystal water, ideal for all ages and tastes, set in an incomparably beautiful natural environment!


One of the most popular northern beaches, located in the very touristic resort Armenistis. It is in a small cove with a few umbrellas and has golden sand throughout.


Atsipades beach is at the south-eastern end of the island, next to Faros beach. It is small, relatively remote, with pebbles and not well known to visitors.


Faros is the largest beach on the south coast, only a few minutes from the island's airport. Beachside tavernas, cafes and numerous lodgings around Faros highlight that it has become a rising tourist resort.


Also, a great beach on the north side of the island, with the characteristic chapel of Analypsis in its small harbor, with all the fishing boats. A magical image!


One of the many medium sized beaches on the Northeastern side of the island. On the way to Faros, east of Therma, lies the beach Glyfadi.


Iero beach is located in the Northeastern part of the island, near the airport. It is a relatively deserted beach and not well known to visitors, as until recently, there was no access to it.


Kampos is known for Oinoe, its ancient Ikarian capital, and its archaelogical site. The large homonymous, all-sand beach is also very famous among tourists.


Lefkada beach is in the south, below the road from Agios Kyrikos to Xylosyrti. The area has been known from antiquity for its healing thermal springs.


Livadi beach is also on the north coast, between Armenistis and Messakti beaches. It is among the best Ikarian beaches, with fine golden sand thoughout, ideal for young children!


Messakti is one of the best and most famous Ikarian beaches, one you shouldn’t miss! The small Myrsonas river flows into the sea there, after creating a green wetland.


Nealia beach is on the south coast, east of Therma village. It is remote, surrounded by green hills. Nearby are ruins of ancient thermal spas. A path leads from Therma to the Loumakia hot spring still in use.


One of many medium-sized southeastern beaches, Nyfi is located on the way to Faros, between Anefanti and Nealia beaches, east of Therma village.


Skepsi beach in the south lies below the road from Agios Kyrikos to Xylosyrti. It takes its name from the statue placed right beside the beach.


The sandy beach of Therma is located under the main square of the village,next to the port.On the one side of the beach there are a few umbrellas, that offer shadow.


Trapalou is a small hamlet in the south, near Karkinagri, with a small port and a beach next to it. A tavern above the harbour offers refreshments and 'mezedes', small plates of food served with ouzo