Ikaria, due to its mountainous topography and complex geological structure, presents numerous caves, which are often of archaeological interest and are connected to a local tradition.

There have been recorded over 37 caves and none of them is exploited and most of them are inaccessible or unsafe for visitors. Generally, there have not been intensive speleological investigations in Ikaria, which will significantly contribute to the accurate recording of the natural environment and history of the island. Here you wil find a list with only few impressive caves in Ikaria.

Cave Halaris

The cave Halaris or Parathyri is located on the West of the river Halaris, near the village Chrysostomos in the southern part of the island, few meters from the streambed and near water springs. It was discovered in 1930 by the village's priest.

Cave of Katafygi

The cave Katafygi or cave of Agios Nikolaos is located in the village Katafygi, under the church of St. Nicholas and ends just before the village Faros, in the bay Nyfi. In fact it is a cesspool.

Cave Semni

Located near the village Katafygi in the Southeastern part of the island, under the massif Paroufa. This cave has a direction from northwest to southeast and is hardly accessible because of the dense vegetation covering it.


Drakospilo cave is located in the Northeastern part of the island, near the village Perdiki in the bay Avgolimin, right on the banks of a torrent. Located few meters away from the bed of a stream, it is covered by a dense forest, which makes it difficult to access it.