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Cave Iero

In Faros

The cave is located in Iero bay, near the airport in Faros village, going to the Drakano Tower.

According to tradition, the cave is considered to be the place of nurture and worship of the god Dionysus, who was born in the nearby mount Drakano. On the left near the cave Iero, there is a sign indicating the direction to it. The remains of a paved road leads the visitor from the bay to the cave. The length of the cave is about 17 meters and the roof has collapsed. Both inside the cave and outside in the bay, pottery shards, amphorae and coins of various periods, mainly Hellenistic and Greco-Roman period, have been found.
The cave is not organized and there is no tour. This cave is very interesting and worth a visit even externally. However, one can go on his own responsibility and special equipment, after special permission.

The cave is located near the airport in Faros. Access is only on foot, few meters away from the dirt road, where you can leave your private vehicle.