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Cave of Katafygi

In Katafygi

The cave Katafygi or cave of Agios Nikolaos is located in the settlement Xylino, near the village Katafygi, under the church of St. Nicholas and according to the legend, the cave ends just before the village Faros, in the bay Nyfi.

According to local tradition, during the Ottoman empire, a group of Turkish soldiers went to church to arrest the villagers, who at that moment watched the Mess. The priest who spoke with the Turks asked them to leave, until he finishes the mess and then they could arresr them. The Turks agreed and waited outside the church until the end of the Liturgy. Meanwhile, the residents along with the priest, who was in the church, went into the cave from the entrance there on the floor of the sanctuary. While time was passing by and the church door would not open, the Turks decided to get inside without waiting another moment and surprisingly, they found that there was nobody inside.

In the cave there have been archaeological and speleological studies. This cave is not organized and there is no tour. However, one can go on his own responsibility and special equipment, after special permission.


The cave is located near the village Katafygi. Access is only on foot, few meters away from the dirt road, where you can leave your private vehicle.