An island full of history! From edge to edge, you will see numerous monuments that capture the civilization of Ikaria, all the way, from the depths of centuries. Castles, ancient towns, lighthouses and towers. Every village has a history ... Here is presented, a list of the main monuments that you can visit on the island.

Castle of Koskina

The Castle of Koskina is located near the village Kossoikia, few kilometers outside Evdilos, approximately in the middle of Ikaria. Located on a hill named Kefalas, with a spectacular view across all the island, also called the Castle of Nikaria.

Castle of Perdiki

The Castle in the village Perdiki or otherwise Kefalas Castle or Castle of Lefa as the locals call it, is a few minutes outside the village of Perdiki in a spectacular hillside, a solid rock, the 'Kefala'.

Kapsalino Castle

Kapsalino Castle is located on the eastern side of the island, on the mountaintops of Atheras at approximately 800 meters. The access to it is only through a path, well-preserved, from Mavrato to Karavostamo.

Megalithic Monuments

On the southeastern side of the island, a crowd and scattered ancient finds are detected, but there are no detailed archaeological studies for them. However, they are an important evidence of a civilization that lived in another era.

Rock of Icarus

The Rock is located in the sea, 50 meters away from the beach of Vaoni, on the south part of Ikaria. According to the myth, at that point Icarus lost his wings and fell into the sea.


The bay of Nas is located in the northwestern part of the island, few kilometers away from Armenistis. There was the ancient harbor, which extended from the coast to the deep gorge of Halaris.

Tower of Drakano

The ancient city of Drakano, the homonymous Citadel and its Tower, in the current area of Faros (Fanari) at the eastern end of the island. The region coincides with the ancient hamlet (town) of Drakano and the most important monument saved there is the ancient round tower.