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Megalithic Monuments

On the southeastern side of the island, a crowd and scattered ancient finds are detected, but there are no detailed archaeological studies for them. However, they are an important evidence of a civilization that lived in another era.Thus, it is worth noting that significant findings are found around the citadel of Drakano, where are the ruins of ancient quarries, ancient mounds, traces of neorion and port facilities.

A short distance from the bay 'Iero', north of Drakano (position ' Propezoulopi '), monoliths - megalithic monuments (Menhir), ie massive columns, are identified, which are either standing or fallen to the ground and are usually by slate ('Atsiroi') or limestone, with a height not exceeding 2.5 meters. Perhaps, this was an ancient sacred site on the island. Similar structures are found near the village Kountoumas (position 'Vofilas'), where there is a characteristic trapezoidal structure, known as the Celtic dolmen, sacred places of worship. Other megalithic structures are found in the valley of Erifi in the village Glaredo in a Neolithic village, where there are ruins of houses and numerous sherds of ceramic vessels and fragments of obsidian. Finally, similar boulders are found in the village Katafygi and on the road between the villages Tsouredo and Mavrato.