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Tower of Drakano

In Faros

Open outdoors everyday 08:30-15:00, except Monday and Sunday.

The ancient city of Drakano, the homonymous Citadel and its Tower, in the current area of Faros (Fanari) at the eastern end of the island. The region coincides with the ancient hamlet (town) of Drakano and the most important monument saved there is the ancient round tower. Set on a cliff above an altitude of 50 meters, with a characteristic view to Fournoi and to Samos.

It is a great work of art from a manufacturing point of view and is considered as one of the best preserved towers in the Aegean. The construction of the tower is dated back to Alexandrian times and its repair during the reign of Demetrius the Conqueror, from the 3rd century BC to the 4th BC century, according to recent studies. The tower is three storey, built with massive white marble plinths. The bricks are not held together with metal links, but on their own, while they look externally tiled.The rescued part has an outer diameter of about 8.4 meters and a height of 13 meters, while the total amount of the original estimated at 13.5 meters. You can distinct some stairs, used for communication between floors.
Today, there are well preserved ruins of the Acropolis and part of the wall of the adjacent church of Agios Georgis. The full restoration of the tower has been completed recently, with a significant improvement in the structure and strength.

Information for visitors

  • Access is not possible for people with reduced mobility.
  • There are no toilets for the public at the archaeological site.
  • There is no parking for private vehicles.
  • There is no shop in the archaeological site.
  • There are no organized visits.


Free for all visitors.


The archaeological site is outdoors, near the airport in Faros.Vehicles stop on a road leading to Faros. Then follow, on foot, a path to the beach for about 25 minutes.

37° 41' 19.973" N, 26° 21' 45.633" E