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Museum of Woodcut Art

In Katafygi

Everyday: 11:00-15:00

It is a private museum of Mr. P. Safos, in the village Katafygi and presents statues from crafted wood. Launched in 2004 in a private place.

The wood used by the wood carver is mainly from trees, such as eucalyptus, holm oak and holm, which are scattered in the mountains of Ikaria. The theme and format of each project is inspired by mythology, religion and from the animal world, such as dolphins, turtles and many other that will amaze you.


Free for all visitors.

Contact Details

Katafygi, 83300 Ikaria
Telephone : 22750 23392


Access to the museum is only by private transport vehicle, from the main road Agios Kirykos-Evdilos.