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Asclepius Spa

In Agios Kirykos

Until the end of September 2018: Daily 8 a.m to 1 p.m.

The municipal Spa Center 'Asclepius' is located in the town of Agios Kirykos, opposite the police building. Its renovation finished on September 2016.

It is accessible for all visitors by ramp. The spring supplies 50 cubic metres of water per hour and chemical analysis classifies it as radioactive alipigi, radioenergy 396.6 MACHE units or 41.6 Nc / L and temperature 40.3oC. 

The Spa center includes :

  • Α comfortable reception for bathers
  • 11 treatment rooms with marble baths
  • 3 rooms with 2 baths each
  • A timer outside each room to control the duration of each bath
  • Fresh water showers for bathers
  • Toilets for bathers
  • Careful cleaning and disinfection of premises

Information for Bathers

  • Access to the centre 's toilets for all bathers.
  • The Spa does not have private parking for private vehicles.
  • For balneotherapy, a medical prescription is required to be shown to reception when entering
  • Bathers should have their own individual shower cap, non-slip slippers, towels or bathrobe.
  • Bathers should cooperate with staff recommendations
  • Bathers should shower, before using the bathtubs.
  • Hydrotherapy/Balneotherapy should be done on an empty stomach or 3 hours after digestion.
  • Cosmetics and other oils may not be used because they affect the composition of the thermal water.



€ 3.00 

(Pricelist of 2018)


The spa centre is located in Agios Kirykos opposite the police building. Access is possible by private car, taxi or on foot.

37° 36' 55.58" N, 26° 17' 46.986" E
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