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Lefkada Spa

In Lefkada

The springs Thermo and Chlio-Thermo in Lefkada are located about 2.5 km West of Agios Kirykos, near the village Glaredo.

These baths were organized during the period 50's to 70's and elementary Spa facilities were working in the area. Access was there from the main road, through a rough downhill path. By the time the spa was abandoned.

Today, the municipality has penned the hot spring water, with large stones in the sea, creating a small "pool". At this point, the sand has a characteristic red color. The spreadable on the body has a positive effect on the reduction in healing various skin diseases.


Access is easy on foot, by bicycle or with your own transport, as it is located beneath the main asphalt road, a short distance from Agios Kirykos.

37° 36' 4.635" N, 26° 16' 27.373" E
Thermal Spas