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Healing Retreat on Ikaria island

Healing Retreat on Ikaria island 

17– 28 June 2016

Two therapists, Emily Lahlou and Helen Agelides, under the gaze of Apollo, God of Light and Healing, join together through α healing program in the beautiful island of Ikaria. With the wings of Icarus and the wisdom of Daedalus we will land in Therma village, at Agriolykos pension, where the sea and the sky become one

Our program will last for 11 days and will include acupuncture sessions, meditation, yoga, energy therapies. All these will be accompanied by nutritional lunches based on Ancient Greek Medicine and by a close contact with the medicinal plants of the region.

The healing program is addressed to people who have digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, reproductive, nervous, and musculoskeletal problems and to all those that want to boost their immune system in total. As well as to those who wish to receive a deeper energy healing to their body & soul.

Having the wonderful Agriolykos pension, as our basis, we will combine relaxation, therapy, healthy eating , exercise and meditation.

Agriolykos pension, where all these miraculous things will take place, is perched on a rock above the sea , next to the ancient Greek baths, surrounded by carob, lentisk, sage, thyme, wild oregano, olive and cypress.

A magical environment as an ally in our healing journeys.

Following this unique program, Body, Mind and Spirit are led to the path of Health and Self-healing.

At this place of Therma, with the worldwide known curative thermal springs, the therapeutic effect is enhanced thanks to the combination of the sea baths, thermal baths and the acupuncture treatments which will be provided.

It is a unique opportunity to get in touch with our body, and being harmonized as a whole.

The acupuncture treatments will be provided by Emily Lahlou, acupuncturist, health food and herbal medicine consultant.

Energy healing treatments will be given by Helen Agelides, Energy Healer.

Cost : 650 EUR per person in a double room

and 770 EUR in a single room

Includes :

  • 10 nights with breakfast

  • 2 nutritional meals

  • Acupuncture sessions

  • Energy sessions

  • Yoga and

  • Meditation

Tip : There is also the possilbility to have massage sessions at request

Your booking is considered valid with a deposit of 250 euros, until May 21st , 2016. Remember to note your name in the deposit.

State your participation promptly because places are limited, by e-mailing :

tel : 0030 6944 90 70 23, 0030 22750  22433, 0030 210 6642441


Emily Lahlou

Graduated from the School of Agricultural Sciences, AUTH (Aristotle University), has worked for 22 years at a research institute of the Ministry of Agriculture, as a technical scientist.

In the meantime, she studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and got the diploma as an acupuncture therapist, the diploma of Tuina Chinese massage , ancient Greek massage , and nutrition counseling.

Her studies were completed at the Academy of Ancient Greek and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Athens and at the University Hospital of Tianjin, in China.

She has been trained in the therapeutic properties of Greek and Chinese herbs and she is a tincture’s and therapeutic oils creator.

Now she is working as an acupuncturist and health nutrition consultant.


Helen Agelides 

Helen from a very young age had a restless spirit that was seeking for knowledge and answers to the very questions of her soul. That made her and the people around her, characterize her as a forever student and led her to two parallel paths.

One path led her to become an academic teacher & the other path led her to train herself into the following healing techniques ; Munay Ki, Akashic Records, Reiki (Karma Reiki , Higher-Self Reiki, Golden heart Reiki, DNA Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Usui Reiki, S.R.T. (Spiritual Response Therapy), Angelic Healing & Channeling.

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