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Vallizoume... at Ikaria

Monday, July 15, 2019 - 11:00am to Friday, July 19, 2019 - 6:30pm

Vallizoume at Ikaria

A five day week wellness program for those who want to combine their vacations with a flexible program full of creativity and imagination, in order to explore the Ikarian way of life.

At  Therma, Ikaria a diverse group of people is formed. Foreigners, couples, loners and families who get together to discover the beauty of the island, the local culture, to relax or play. Every year the program is enriched with new activities and the group is getting bigger.

Vallizoume means we dance. Words such as waltz, balos(a greek traditional dance), ballet and ball derive from this verb. But what is the connection between waltz and the ikarian tradition? What is the particularity of the Ikarian dance and in what way does it benefit our health? Is it possible that the secret of longevity hides within the dance, the wine and the joyfull ikarian lifestyle? Was dancing included in the ancient methods of Asklipios?

More specifically, Vallizoume is an experiental workshop based at Therma,Ikaria. A seaside village with a special climate, the hotsprings and its natural beauty.
The group can meet either at the beautiful beach of Therma, or at the  Platanodasos and at the magnificent theatre of Agriolykos. In this natural scenery they can improve their breathing and posture in combination with a visit at the hotsprings.

At the same time, the group can organise an event at the Archaeological Museum of Agios Kirikos, learn about the Ikarian culture and walk the path between Therma-Nealia. They can also admire the cave of Dionysos at the beach Iero and learn about the history of Ikaria through music and dance. All these activities are based on simplicity, quality and pleasant company.

All participants have the free time to enjoy the island in the way they wish. They may visit other famous or less known beaches, make the tour of Ikaria or even visit  the nearest islands. Alternatively, they have the opportunity to indulge themselves in relaxing at the hotsprings or swimming at Therma beach. Dont they say that the eight rules of wellness are : positive thinking, breathing, hydration, right posture, exercise(therapeutic walking),nutrition, sleeping and relaxation? It sounds like the ideal program in the right place, don't you think?

This year, the first five participants have the opportunity to sail to a beach nearby by yacht. All particpants will attend the great panigiri (traditional celebration) at Agios Kyrikos in 17th of July, the anniversary of the liberation of Ikaria. On the last day of Vallizoume we will have a party at NAMA BAR at Therma.

It should be also noticed that the program is inspired and guided by Vasiliki Kalpaki, physiotherapist, dance instructor and guide of programs of wellness. She is the owner of Kinitopiisi stin ygeia at Marousi, Athens. During the whole year shes organising workshops for all ages in relation to movement, good health, physiotherapy and….Ikaria.

For example, we can mention the program Dancing with Icarus for kids, that combines music and dance. Other programs are the Get into the rhythm and Harmony for the elderly. Alongside, she collaborates with remarkable doctors, dancers and musicians in order to present interesting events at Kinitopiiisi  

An invaluable experience!

Tel: +306909972272
e-mail :
Price per person: 100 euros.
Special offers for couples and families.

15 July-19 July 2019
For 5 days in Therma Ikaria

We play, practice, dance, communicate and benefit from its thermal springs and the special habits of the place!
Balneotherapy, Thalassotherapy, Dance and Wine Therapy. Are these secrets of longevity?

Analytical program

Monday 15/7: Ampelokoutsoura and ... Wine therapy!

Through interrogation games we know each other as well as the myths, beliefs and traditions of the island ... We are enjoying, learning, communicating and feeling children again! And a short lesson of Ikarian as we will need it in the evening!
In the evening ... until the early morning at the feast of the village, Agioi Anargyroi !!!

Tuesday 16/7: 'Dostou pera'
Dances, songs from Ikaria! ¨ Directly connected to the way of life of the island's inhabitants. We dance and prepare for the famous festivals of Nikaria! Syrtos, karsilama, hasa-serpent, tango, icariot!

Wednesday 17/7: Towards Immortal Water
Relax with breathing and mild pilates exercises. A preparation to enjoy the benefits of the Lefkada thermal spring and discover the beneficial properties of the immortal water.

Thursday 18/7: Hiking and sea
We start the path of the new Therma path - Ness! We pass over the ancient city of Thermae and reach the beach of Neales where we enjoy a natural clay mask or continue until the beer factory "Ikariotissa".

Friday 19/7: Free day
With free choice:
-a visit to the archaeological museum
-the tour of the island with the office "dolichi tours" (#htra charge)

-revitations in Fourni Korceon with sailing boat (#xtra charge)Facilities - Program Clarifications

• Participation in the five-day program is 100 euro without VAT and transport and accommodation
• Get immediate information and information on how to stay and how to get to the island.
• Group offers for families or families.
• Organize and run a program.
• Discounts in village restaurants
• A plumber from Plumeria Apartments will serve the needs of the program
• Entrance to the museum.

Contact - Entries:
+30 210-6821755 Mobile: +30 6909972272,, Vasiliki Kalpaki
Generally, the program is modified according to our moods and the capabilities of the team we will create!

More info about Vallizoume at Ikaria : 



A few words about the program creator and coordinator:

Vassiliki Kalpaki is a graduate physiotherapist from Athens Technological Educational Institute, with experience in Geriatric Physiotherapy, in kinesitherapy, dances and activities based on movement. She is a dance teacher and creator of many wellness programs in Athens and Ikaria throughout the year for elderly people, children, families and disabled people. For example, we are talking about Dancing with Icarus, a musical-dancing trip for children, Take It Into the Rhythm ", the" Elegyia "program for the needs of the elderly, and the Soma-entertainment.

In recent years, it has maintained a model wellness center for all, a modern Asklepie for special groups where, through individual and group sessions for all ages, we are gradually achieving a better quality of life!

In a warm and welcoming place in Polydroso Amarousiou, the center is 'Mobilization in Health'. At the same time she cooperates with distinguished doctors, healing dancers, musicians with quality events in her field.


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