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'Venceremos' at Afianes winery

On Friday, July 28, at 9:30 pm the theatrical performance "The Sonate of the Moon" directed by Marios Iordanos for the great Greek poet Yannis Ritsos will be presented at the Afianes Winery in Raches, Ikaria.

The show premiered at the University of Dublin, Ireland, at one of the world's oldest universities with graduates such as Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett on March 25, under the auspices of the Greek Foreign Ministry and the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad.

The show's Greek premiere took place on July 1st in the unique homeland of Yiannis Ritsos, in Monemvasia.

Marios Iordanou and Sofia Kazantzian who signed the theatrical adaptation and choreographies of the performance have been awarded by Unesco for the promotion of Greek culture abroad, having their performances such as "I'm not afraid. I do not hope. I'm ... "for Nikos Kazantzakis at the Kunstlerhaus in Berlin, in collaboration with the Akrotheama Griechische Kultur- Gruppe in Zurich, Paris City Hall, Gaydar Palace in Moscow, N. Kazantzakis Week in Athens and its cities The Greek poet, Dionysios Solomos, who was presented at the Zurich Cathedral, the Munich Art Gallery, the Athens War Memorial, the Great Hall of London, and the "The Cretan (Hymn to Love) In cities in Greece.

Next stops of the show are Paris and Moscow!

A few words about the show
Marios Iordanou directs a performance - a tribute to the great Greek poet Yiannis Ritsos, for the first time bringing his masterpiece "Sonata of the Moonlight" with a young actor and in combination with other works by Yannis Ritsos (Romiosini, Spring Symphony , Etc.) as well as Federico García Lorca and Halil Gibran.

It is the first time Sonata goes up with a young actor, Sofia Kazantzian in the lead role, thus symbolizing the soul of the man who overcomes time and abolishes the limits. The word "Venceremos" of the title of the performance was the word with which Ernesto Tse Guevara concluding his speeches, passing the message that the man can be a winner and overcome any obstacle.

Sofia Kazantzian performs, dancing, singing and incarnating the heroine of the poem, under the direction of M. Jordanos, who also participates in the show.

Direction / Music Editor: Marios Iordanou
Theatrical Adaptation / Choreography: Sofia Kazantzian
Interpreters: Sofia Kazantzian, Marios Iordanou
Dressage: Freedom Now
Scenography: Valentino Valasis
Sound Design / Lights: Christoforos Tsakipoulos

Entrance:12 euros - Reservations: +30 697 4876024

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