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Located between Samos and Mykonos, Ikaria (or Icaria) is one of the largest islands in the eastern Aegean Sea! It has an elongated shape in a NE-SW direction. Its name is derived from the Greek myth of Icarus and Deadalus.

Ikaria has a rich historical and cultural heritage, kept vibrant throughout the centuries. The Ikarian dialect, the traditional architecture of buildings and the archeological findings testify to the island’s unique history. Many nations tried to seize the island but always faced strong resistance by its people.

All the island has a wild natural beauty, which attracts visitors of all ages from all over the world! It is a mountainous island with green valleys leading to the sea and to exotic beaches adding to its charming atmosphere. Ikaria has rich vegetation, biodiversity and an abundance of water. Many rare kinds of flora and fauna live there. Its climate is characterised as Mediterranean, with strong winds, even during the summer. The geological and geomorphological characteristics make Ikaria a unique geotope.

Time never passes in Ikaria! The island of longevity! Ikaria is one of the few places in the world where people live above the age of 90! You have to come to Ikaria, live like the locals and discover their secrets for living long.

Ikarians now engage in tourism, agriculture and fishing. The main agricultural products are the famous red wine ‘Pramnios oinos’, tsipouro liquor, olive oil, honey by small bushes and local sweets. There are also many secret recipes to learn from Ikarian gastronomy and food to taste, all handmade by locals.

An important characteristic of Ikaria are its famous village festivals (fairs), where people dance all day long the local dance named ‘Ikariotikos’ and enjoy red wine and boiled goat (‘raskos’).

Ikaria is waiting for visitors to learn, have fun and become one with the locals!

Travel to Ikaria, feel at home!