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Cookies policy

Cookies Policy

To improve the navigation experience on some of the services provided on website we use cookies, which are sent to the user's browser from the web servers of website and stored on the computer of each user in order to allow their identification at a later time, if they have already visited the site, in order to facilitate their access to the services of the company and the individual internal pages of the website through the options of storage, settings and navigation paths.

Cookies may also be used by the company and third parties, including Google through services of the latter (Google Analytics), for statistical purposes (traffic measurement and qualitative analysis, diagnostics of software and device used by the user, etc). The user may prevent the use of such cookies or set the individual settings thereof via Google options.

Similarly, the website incorporates functions provided by third parties, for which functions cookies are used by the respective providers of the services. In particular, the website incorporates functions of the following services, which use cookies according to their respective policies, as stated in the respective relevant links:

The functions of these third-party services can have an impact on personal data and privacy of users, according to the relevant settings the latter have chosen in the respective services.

These cookies are used solely for the abovementioned purposes without receiving further information as to the identity of the user or other data of his/her.

Finally, the website, in cooperation with third intermediary companies (e.g. Linkwise), uses cookies for advertising purposes (affiliate marketing, remarketing, display advertising, etc). For such purposes, cookies give the user's browser a unique random number (tracking ID) that allows the correlation of the above services with the respective tracking ID. For these purposes, the only relevant with the user information stored by is the IP and User Agent of the latter. The above stored information remains matched only with the random tracking ID, without containing or relating to user’s actual data and without being in any way used for further identification thereof.

In case the user of wishes to navigate the website without the use of cookies, he/she has the technical possibility to appropriately configure his/her computer to exclude cookies. In case of exclusion of cookies, users should be aware that they may not have full access to all content and services of or be deprived of additional features, options or facilities that may be provided only after identification through cookies.

In the first visit of the user to website, a pop-up notification appears by which the user is informed that: “This website uses cookies to ensure the best possible navigation experience. The continuation of navigation on presupposes a consensus on the website’s Cookies Policy and Terms of Use”. The user is referred to the above notification through respective active links in the Cookies Policy and Terms of Use of the website. The continuation of navigation on the website despite the above notification confers a presumption that the user is aware of the Cookies Policy and Terms of Use of the website, implies their acceptance by the user and exempts the company from any responsibility for the reasons listed in them.