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Here, you will find all the telephone numbers for contacting the taxi drivers of Ikaria.

They will help you go around the island, the different villages and the sightseeings.

They will, also, transfer you to and from the airport or the two main ports of the island and your accommodation.

Name Mobile Phone Area
S. Vlachos 6972841949 Agios Kirykos
F. Mammatas 6972107796 Agios Kirykos
A. Mammatas 6984150626 Agios Kirykos
M. Markakis



Agios Kirykos
A. Mavridis 6945307714 Agios Kirikos
Z. Nostaris 6972398568 Agios Kirykos
M. Perri 6977841327 Agios Kirykos
Th. Petsakos 6932674179 Agios Kirykos
Z. Fouskas 6977941600 Agios Kirykos
V. Mantagas 6977192102 Dafni
P. Romiliou 6945215411 Evdilos
Tr. Roustas 6984061479 Evdilos
M. Stavrinadis 6972831020 Evdilos
I. Tsantiris 6932187487 Raches
N. Karnavas 6972525203 Magganitis
A. Kochylas 6950012112 Magganitis
A. Kanagios 6972021809 Raches
Z. Karoutsos 6932556072 Raches
A. Katte 6972697168 Raches
St. Melachroinos 6973836836 Raches
K. Moulas 6974010680 Frandato