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Ikaria Animal Welfare Volunteers

Ikaria Animal Welfare Volunteers

Who we are: The Ikaria Animal Welfare Volunteer Group is a registered non profit society in Greece, consisting of volunteers committed to improving the welfare of animals on the island of Ikaria.

Vision: 'An animal friendly island' where humans respect and live in harmony with all animals.

What we do:

  • Organise a twice yearly neutering programme to control the number unwanted puppies and kittens

  • Organise humane education programmes in schools teaching pupils to treat animals with justice and respect.

  • Monitor the welfare of the dogs belonging to farmers and taking necessary actions over cases of neglect and cruelty with a final aim of ending the practice of keeping dogs chained on the side of roads.

Animal Welfare on Ikaria

  • Many owners do care about their companion animals

  • Although there is a high population of stray/feral cats, there is not a stray dog problem, unlike so many other islands in Greece

  • Numerous owners understand the importance of neutering and have had their dogs/cats neutered through our programmes

  • Countless people feed colonies of stray cats

  • Sadly, there is a problem with dogs belonging to shepherds

Shepherds’ Dogs

Ikaria has so much to offer, so why are some shepherds and farmers destroying its reputation? Shepherds are using dogs as tools to restrict the movement of goats. These dogs have a miserable existence, starved of human companionship, most of them with an inappropriate diet and dirty drinking water. The ground around them is covered in faeces.

The Ikaria Animal Welfare Volunteer Group is committed to ending this cruel practice. To date, we have succeeded in reducing the number of dogs used by over 50%. We have won two court cases and a number of owners have been fined for neglect and cruelty.

Donations & Contact details

Mobile telephone: +30 6944240222

Email [email protected]

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