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Therma, east of Agios Kirykos on the south coast, is known throughout Greece and abroad for its thermal sea baths. Its older name is Thermes, due to the hot springs of mildly radioactive water used since antiquity to treat many diseases.

The village has a small pier, where boats dock regularly in summer connecting Therma with Agios Kirykos. Fishers also use it to unload their catch and sort their nets. There’s a beautiful little beach of fine and gray golden sand. Almost to the water’s edge are taverns, restaurants, cafés and plenty of high standard lodgings able to accommodate large numbers of guests.

At the western end is a natural cave, containing a serviced spa, modern pools and a hammam, where steam of the hot springs sweats out of the rock walls. In the village are three modern thermal spas catering to the healing needs of large numbers of Greek and foreign users. 

In recent years the healing properties of the spas have attracted many people to Ikaria and Therma throughout the year. Therma is connected with Agios Kirykos and the rest of Ikaria by the main asphalt road. In summer a local bus runs regularly to and from Agios Kirykos and there is the boat service mentioned above.

Therma is definitely a place you should not miss during your stay in Ikaria! 

Tip! If you’re a hiker take the trail from the village to Nealia beach, via Loumakia mountain and discover the ruins of ancient thermal spas. You can also walk up to the Acropolis of ancient Therma.