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Ikaria's 2017 Tourist Map

The new 2017 tourist map of Ikaria is out...

It is full of information on beaches, monuments, spas, trails, gas stations, banks and hospitals in Ikaria ...

The map is in Greek and English. More than 20,000 copies are distributed free of charge, in tourist offices, rental car agencies, at hotel reception desks, in taxis, on buses, in restaurants, cafes ......everywhere in Ikaria!

The background map was designed by an experienced cartographic company to deliver valid information. The map includes photos and texts from Ikaria in the two languages and various business advertisements.

The map is an important tool for visitors to Ikaria, helping them to get around the island and also a memento to share with friends and family.

The map also includes ads by selected local companies offering high quality service and local products.

Ask us to download a free digital copy by subscribing to the Visit Ikaria newsletter.

For the creation of the map, we thank:

- the Anavasis cartographic company

- Designous, for graphic design support

- the local businesses Winery Afianes, Dolihi Tours, Marina Hotel, Plumeria Flowery, Aventura Rent a car, Amfitriti Travel, Ikaria Holidays, Ikaria Surf School, Kirki Rooms, Artemis ceramics, Icarian Utopia art gallery, Women's Cooperative of Raches, Mary Mary Restaurant, Pashalia tavern, Marina giftshop, Rempiko cafe, Carte-Postale bar, refreshments Kefalos, sweets Teskos and our major sponsor, Lemy Rent A Car

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