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Cave Halaris

In Chrysostomos

The cave Halaris or Parathyri is located on the West of the river Halaris, near the village Chrysostomos in the southern part of the island, few meters from the streambed and near water springs. It was discovered in 1930 by the village's priest.

The entrance has a SW direction, a width of 0.50 m and a height of 0.55 m. It is located 4 meters above the ground in a steep crest. Entering from an egg-shaped room through a narrow corridor. Going even deeper, one can see a precipice that extends from the bottom to the roof of the cave, with a height of 14 meters and colorful stalactites and stalagmites.

Both in the main hall and in the entrance, pottery shards and bones are found, with a rich archaeological and paleontological interest. According to studies, these bones belong to dwarf and giant deer, goats and humans. The chronology shows that these findings belong to the Neolithic period.

This cave is very interesting and worth a visit even externally. However, one can go on his own responsibility and special equipment, after special permission.


The cave is located near the village Chrysostomos. Access is only on foot from the village, few meters away from the main road, where you will leave your private vehicle.