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Church of Agia Sofia

In Monokampi

The church of Agia Sofia is located north of the village Monokampi, built on a rock. A unique sight!

According to tradition, an expat Ikarian of America, Zacharias Karapetis, envisioned an icon into the hollow of the rock. After diligent digging of the villagers, they found the remains of St. Sofia and of her three daughters. These bones are said to be brought in Ikaria, by the monk John Myraios from Ioannina, so as to save them from the Turks.

After many difficulties, Karapetis managed to build at that point a chapel, placing in a sacristy. Later, it was heard, that some remains were stolen, but the rest continue to be inside the church.


To reach the church, take the main asphalt road Agios Kirykos-Evdilos and follow few meters a dirt road.

Access is only by private car, taxi or on foot.

37° 38' 59.4" N, 26° 15' 50.372" E
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